Dear peoples, unfortunately there has been a technical botch with the version of the Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win video that was originally posted to YouTube. The sound was not right and you all deserve better. We are bummed. The good news is it’s fixed and everyone can now enjoy the video as was originally intended and planned. Though this wasn’t our mistake , we extend our apologies for the less then ideal viewing/listening.

The Management


the shrutes produce thirsty babies


the shrutes produce thirsty babies


A lot of people have asked for my take on The New York Times piece yesterday about the true cost of making Apple products in China. Let me first just say that it’s an important piece full of good reporting by Charles Duhigg and David Barboza. Parts of it are very sad — sickening, really.



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Apple’s vision for the future of computing versus Microsoft’s vision for the future of computing.

Any questions?


This is a little something about Microsoft’s 2012 through 2014 platform plan. As always Microsoft and I are equally unreliable.


CES 2012
Win8 + WinStore beta
Tango1 launch

MWC 2012
Tango2 SDK

MIX 2012
Win8 RC
<ONM> beta
Tango2 launch + Apollo announce
Kinect commercial SDK

E3 2012